Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sky Messages - Part III: Sun Promises

I invite you to take a time trip back to the very early years of the Southwestern region of America. If you wish to join me, please first read, or re-read my article on Oneness. I ask not because I wrote it, but because it will help attune you to the concept of oneness which permeates those early cultures as well as those of today.

Now, please, find a comfortable place to relax and let your imagination gently move you back to those times.

It is a clear, and decidely cool, pre-dawn day. You are an Anasazi "sun-watcher." You are a high priest, the calendar person, the herald of seasons and, most importantly, you confirm for all that a new day has begun. This is both a practical and spiritual process. Keep in mind, it falls upon you to also explain those solar aberrations (eclipses, sun spots, etc.) that assault the norm. In these instances the spiritual explanation is most important.

Pre-dawn in the area of the Colorado Plateau is not very dark. The glorious brightness of the Milky Way beams light and even casts faint shadows. Stillness and a tension of anticipation fills the air. You stand in your observatory. It is a promatory allowing you to clearly view the horizon. You wait, intensely aware of all that is around you including the sky above.

As you wait, a long-eared, long-legged "jack rabbit" comes racing right toward you. Rather than veering away, it stops before you. There may be eye contact, but for certain there is an exchange of lifeness an ingredient of oneness. It is momentary and the rabbit lazily moves on. You look up. The horizon is gradually glowing in hues of red, orange and yellow mixed with splatters of dusky clouds. You feel your emotions rise. Your heart rate and breathing increase. You are physically and mentally focused on the horizon. You and all that surrounds you, including the sky, become intensely one.

The horizon expands its lightshow. The sky above becomes a blend of those colorful hues and a blueness that clearly goes on forever. Brightness and color dominate. It is now that the moment arrives. The Sun muscles its way above the horizon. Glorious golden light saturates all, and you reach skyward to embrace both Sun and sky. As you do, you begin a solemn chant of thanksgiving and prayer. Your now joyful chant continues. A promise has been fulfilled. A new day is born, and all life moves forward.

If you would like to experience your own greeting of the Sun and join in the chant, you may click here. Caution, the image is quite large and bright, you might want to back away from your screen a bit. The image is a Southwestern sunrise and the music is a reprise of a real chant.

CREDIT: The image above is by rosemarra and is from Webshots.

Anasazi Dreams (c) 2009 - Waddell Robey All individual copyrights apply.


  1. I neglected to point out in the article that there will be a fourth edition of Sky Messages. There is so much to cover, initially, that I need more time and space. The promised reading list is being expanded and will be included in Sky Message - Part IV. Thank you for your interest and support. Walking Eagle

  2. I'm enjoing looking over your blog. Good stuff. I've linked here from my AnasaziStories blog. I'm glad to connect with you. --Jeff