Monday, April 20, 2009


Hopefully, I have captured your interests with the first two articles in this blog, and before we venture further I wanted to provide you with a beginning reading list. All of the texts in the list are highly informative and quite accurate. Additionally the books by Brown, McNitt, Noble and Roberts all include personal experiences in both researching and visiting the various archeological sites through the Southwest. If you read them, you will be captured and enraptured by the stories of these people and the still existent spirit of their cultures that prevail today within the Native American communities.

The books on Rock Art are quite valuable. Patterson's field guide is a must have if you plan to explore the Rock Art of the ancient ones. Polly Schaafsma is the recognized leading expert on Southwestern Rock Art and her book is the bible in that respect. She will do the most in helping you understand what we think the ancient ones meant in their pictographs and petroglyphs. They are communicating and we need to understand what they are telling both their own cultures and all that followed.

Not knowing about these ancient citizens and what they brought to this land is to leave each of us with a void of understanding about humankind in general. To the contrary, knowing about the ancient ones will draw us closer in our understanding of our Native American brothers who share their land with us.

Please click here to view the reading list, and please, let the spirit of these cultures welcome you.

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